What are the payment options?

We use PayPal as a payment system.

Does the exam include certification?

No. Only API can provide certification. Our exams are for preparation only.

Can I ask the instructor questions?

Yes. Our instructors will answer any questions that you might have. The question should be emailed to instructor@api-inspector.com with the exam name, and it will be answered within hours.

Can I repeat the exams?

Yes. You can go through the exams as many times as you want.

When are the exams available?

The exams are available online anytime. You can start and stop whenever you like.

How do I select which exam I want?

First, you need to register. Then please watch this video that shows how to navigate the platform.

What exams do you have?

We have API 510, API 570, API 571, API 577 and API 1169. API 653 and API 580 will be added by October. You can go to our pricing page to check our offers.

How is the payment processed?

Your payment goes through PayPal. Once confirmed (usually within seconds), you can access your exam(s).

Can I get a payment receipt?

You will receive a PayPal receipt in your email automatically after payment.

Where can I find the exam answers?

In your dashboard, go to Analysis, then History. On the Action column, click View Answers.

Can I buy multiple exams?

Of course you can! Once registered, go to Exam series and select which combo you are interested in.

You say “Guaranteed Pass or Free”, what do you mean by that?

It means if you are not able to pass on your first try (don’t worry, you will pass), you will have access to the exams for free until you pass.

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